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Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog! Here I will be sharing my home schooling learning, adventures, challenges , experiments and everything else from map reading to sewing.

Latest from the Blog


Lockdown has given me plenty of spare time and whenever I am not doing anything I have as ever had my nose stuck in a book! Here is a photo of all the books I have read since June 1st along with the two books I am currently reading.

More Cooking

We had a tin of condensed caramel in the fridge so I made a homemade ruff puff pastry. blind baked it and then topped it with the caramel, chopped bananas, and a fine layer of grated chocolate and served my deliciously quick pudding with whipped cream.

Sewing a twisted headband

I had an old t-shirt that I no longer needed but instead of throwing it away I decided to make it in to something else and after looking at several Youtube tutorials I got the sewing machine and over-locker out to make a twisted/turban headband.

Elderflower Cordial

Making Elderflower Cordial has always been a seasonal tradition in our family and after neglecting it for several Springs we once again decided to benefit from the abundance of elderflowers growing this year. The recipe we were following suggests collecting 20-30 heads of elderflower but we always over pick and collected around 50-60 heads (2…

Sewing a skirt

I found a rectangle of green and red tartan fabric in Mum’s fabric box so set about making a simple gather skirt from it.

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